Kelowna Badminton Club

  • KBC 2015 Kelowna Junior Tournament

    Registration for the 2015 Kelowna Junior is now open.

    Events: BS, GS, BD, GD, and MD

    Age Groups: U12, U14, U16, and U21

    Let's get out there and show the world what KBC can do!


  • KBC has great performance at Vancouver Masters

    KBC would like to congratulate everyone for the fantastic showing and results at the recent 2015 VLTBC Masters Championships (Vancouver, Jan 30-Feb 1, 2015).  KBC had a large attendance at the event and everyone placed well. In total, KBC took home over 15 medals!

    Randy Belanger - 1st place MS55; 2nd MX55; 3rd MD55

    Al Fraser - 1st MD65 & MX65; 2nd MD60

    Fran Mann - 1st WD65 & MX65; 2nd WD60; 3rd MX60

    Mike Mitson - 1st MD60; 2nd MD55; 2nd MX60

    Tess Tearoe - 1st WD65; 2nd WD60

    Denise Vines - 1st place WD45 & WD50

  • Contact Page fixed

    KBC Members, the "Contact Us" page is now working fine.  Thanks for your patience.

  • Congratulations to our Community Sport Hero

    KBC offers heart-felt congratulations to Peter Dennert, as a 2015 winner at the

    Community Sport Hero Awards

    Peter was nominated as a leader in the Okangan sport community for his long time efforts in volunteering at the Kelowna Badminton Club.  Congratulations Peter!

  • Thank-you to Bob Hamilton

    KBC would like to thank the generous gift from Bob Hamilton;


     the wonderful bench now sitting in our front entrance.

  • Price Increase for Tubes of Green Birds

    As of March 1st, a tube of Victor Greens will go up to $24.  

    • KBC strives to keep birds as affordable as possible for our members, but unfortunately the drop in the Canadian dollar has forced this price increase.