Kelowna Badminton Club

  • Summer Badminton Camp

    KBC is excited to host its annual KBC Summer Camp - Aug 18 to 22nd.

    The courts will be in use Mon 9-3, Tues 12-3, Wed 9-3, Thur 9-3, Fri 9-3. 

  • Court Closure - Friday Aug 15

    Courts 1 - 4 have been booked for a private function on Friday Aug 15 from 7pm to 9pm.  Court 5 will still be available for play.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Head Coach for Junior Programming Kelowna Badminton Club

    KELOWNA  BADMINTON CLUB is looking for a PART TIME HEAD COACH to lead all junior programs, beginning September 2014. This position is currently providing 12 hours of coaching per week. KBC currently offers coaching to beginner level athletes up to intermediate level. Ages of athletes range from 6yrs to 17yrs. The coach would be responsible for all training plans, invoicing and overseeing all Assistant coaches currently working at the club. NCCP level 1 and 2 are recommended but not required.  A strong background in grassroots programs is recommended. 

  • Annual General Meeting


                        ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING


  • Summer Camp

    2014 Kelowna Badminton Club Summer Camp

    August 18th-22nd

  • Year End

    As everyone knows the end of the official badminton season is nearing and as such KBC will be holding their Annual General Meeting please watch here for the date and time to be announced. There will be some important decisions made that will effect all members so please come and make your choices known for the future of your club. KBC Executive