Kelowna Badminton Club

  • Women's Shower Repair Jan 18

    The shower doors in the women's change room will be replaced on Jan 18th.  In order to let the caulking set properly, please refrain from using the women's showers on that day.  The locker room will be open as usual.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 

  • Junior Program resumes Jan 11

    The KBC Junior Program will resume Jan 11th.  For more information, or to sign-up, visit the Jr. Program page [here].

  • Doubles Ladder resumes Jan 5

    The 2015/16 KBC Doubles Ladder will resume on Jan 5th.

    For those of you new to the ladder, here's a quick summary:

    • $2 bird fee (KBC provides all birds for the ladder)
    • Players are put in groups of 4 or 5
    • Everyone plays one game with each potential partner in their group.
    • Highest total score moves up the ladder, lowest moves down.

    Come out and give it a try.  Within a few weeks you will be playing games right at your skill level.

  • Victor Greens now $27/tube

    In a reverse boxing day event, we are sorry to announce that the price of Victor Green shuttles has risen $27.  KBC is very sorry for the poor Canadian/US exchange rate.  We are working on improving it.

  • KBC - New Coaching Sessions in 2016!!!

    KBC is very pleased to announce our new head coach, Scot Young.

    Scot will be joining us in Jan, and kicking off the new year with new adult coaching sessions:

    • Adult Beginner Skills and Drills - Mon 7:00-8:30, 8 weeks, $80
    • Adult Intermediate Strategy and Drills - Wed 7:00-8:30, 8 weeks, $80

    For more info, or to register, use the contact us link or e-mail

    (Junior coaching sessions will be continuing as usual.)

  • Parking at KBC

    Please note that KBC's parking lot only extends to the edge of the building.  The lot in front of the "Apex" building (just north of KBC on Richter) is private, and parking there may result in being fined and/or towed.  Street parking along Gaston is public parking.

    On a side note, KBC's parking lot is also private, vehicles not belonging to KBC members may be fined and/or towed.