Kelowna Badminton Club

  • Christmas Party

    The Christmas party will be on Sunday 9th December starting at 11:30am with club play (shuttles supplied by the club) folowed by lots of delicious refreshments including turkey.

  • Kelowna Team Tournament

    The Kelowna Team Tounament took place over the weekend of December 1st-2nd. Six teams from around the interior competed. Each team played all of the other teams in a round-robin format and then there were three play-off matches. The KBC Has-beens team (maybe not as has-been as their name suggested) beat a very strong team from TRU (Kamloops) 5-2 to take 1st place with TRU coming 2nd.

  • Kelowna Team Tournament

    The closing date for entries to the Team Tournament is next Sunday. If you want to enter a team then contact Mike Mitson on 250-707-0085 or e-mail to Details of the tournament can be found on the Tournament page on this website.

  • Christmas Party

    The KBC Christmas Party will be held on Sunday 9th December starting around 11:30am. Lunch will be available around 1:00pm. Food and birds are complimentary. All members are welcome.

  • Shoe Tags

    The executive has become increasingly concerned at the number of non-members playing badminton at our facility. To help combat this situation the practice of wearing shoe tags will be re-instated. Shoe tags will be issued to members in due course and it will be mandatory that they be worn.

    Please also remember - if you are bringing guests to the club then a drop-in fee must be paid and the visit must be recorded in the guest book in the lobby.

  • Food Safe Course

    KBC is looking to sponsor another Food Safe Course. This is to enable more members to help out with the catering at our various events. The course will require a minimum of 10 members and will be run over one day at a weekend (date to be decided.) If you're interested then please contact our Social Director, Linda Estabrooks, at