Schedule Definitions

  • Club Night

    On nights listed as "Club Nights" Monday, and Thursday, 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm. Doubles only is played as long as the numbers justify and people are waiting - if no one is waiting and courts are available, singles is permitted. Check after each game and vacate court if players are waiting everyone must mix on club nights no set groups.

  • Tuesday Double Ladder

    Doubles Ladder Night starts at 7:30 please be at the club by 7:15.  Players are placed in groups of 5, play a doubles games with each partner, and move up an down the ladder based on their results.  This is a great way to meet players of your play level.  A $2 bird fee is charged.

  • Adult open comp. 

    All Adult members are welcome but it is expected that players will have an intermediate to high skill level

  • Open Time

    Basically we only have reserved court times for the junior program. All other times although used by certain groups are not booked or reserved solely for these groups except the morning group on Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm which is a Senior Adult Group.

  • Junior Coaching Times

    All courts are reserved for the junior coaching program during these times.

  • Singles

    Can be played in open times. KBC would encourage members who wish to play singles to take advantage of our quiet times especially Saturday PM, Sunday AM, after 9:00 pm Tuesday etc. Prime times are quite busy. Please note: If singles are played prior to 7:30 pm on club nights they must cease at 7:30 pm or on the completion of the game in progress.

Juniors must be accompanied by an adult and may play during Open Play when it is not stipulated as Adult Open Play or Adult Club Play.

Note: All rules apply to all members regardless of skill level, position, or length of membership. Please make our new members welcome.

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