1. When can I drop in to play badminton?

    Guests may come in to play anytime there are club members playing please check the schedule.
    Guests are not allowed to stay in the club without a member.

2. Does the club supply racquets and shuttles?

    No you must bring in your own indoor court shoes, racquet and shuttle to play.

3. Where can I buy equipment?

    KBC sells Victor equipment you can contact any member of the executive and
    they will be able to help.

4. If I become a member when can I play.

    Full time Adult Membership includes 24/7 access with a key card. There may be restrictions placed on a              members card at any time the Executive deems it necessary for the good of the club.

5. Can I loan out my key card to a friend so they can go play?

    No this may result in the cancellation of your membership, as the member you
    must be with any guests you bring to the club.

6. Do you rent the club out for other events?

    No KBC is used strictly for badminton however members are encouraged to
    make use of the facilities for personal enjoyment after playing.

7. What is the drop in policy for guests who wish to play at the Kelowna Badminton Club?

    Adult drop in is $5
    Junior drop in is $3

    Players who are not members of the Kelowna Badminton Club (KBC) but who wish to play on a "drop in"
    basis may do so following these steps:

  • A member of KBC must sign the name of the guest(s) in the guest book in the lobby, including their own name.
  • The KBC member must collect the drop in fee of $5.00 per guest ($3 per Junior,) prior to start of play, place the drop in fee(s) in an envelope with their name and the name of the guest(s) and the day and time and deposit the envelope in the drop in box to the left of the entrance to the courts.
  • A KBC member must be present during the entirety of the guest's visit.
  • The guest must agree to, and the KBC member must ensure that, their guest(s) abide(s) by all the rules of the KBC, including but not limited to proper footwear and protective eyewear for juniors.
  • Guests are encouraged to become members in order to experience all that KBC has to offer. To become a member,please submit a membership form and a cheque to a member of the executive or place in the box in the entrance to the courts. Please no cash. Membership forms are available in the lobby. We do accept Debit and Credit cards also.

8. When does the annual KBC membership start?

    The duration of a KBC membership is from September 1st to August 31st of the following year,
    regardless of when your membership was purchased.