How to become a KBC member

  • The annual membership year for KBC runs from September 1st to August 31st.

Step 1: Fill out a membership form 

  • Please note that a new membership form must be completed each year for insurance purposes.

  • Here are the membership forms [docx] [pdf].
  • Please note that Junior traingin forms and fees are separate from membership.  These are found on the Junior Training page.

Step 2: Pay fees

  • Fees are due September 1st of each year. Fees include HST.
  • Fees paid prior to August 31st (October 1st for Juniors) will be eligible for a $11 discount per member (early bird discount). 
  • Accepted forms of payment include: cash, debit, credit, cheque. 
  • Fees can be paid to any member of the KBC executive,  via mail (cheque only), or it may be dropped off at KBC and placed within the locked membership mailbox. Our mailing address is: Kelowna Badminton Club, PO Box 24008, RPO Towne Centre, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 9H2

The Membership fees for 2014-2015 will be:

Adult Memberships (19+ years old)
Adult Full Access Membership: $161
Adult Student (Full-Time) Membership: $116
Adult Restricted Access*:   $65
Junior Memberships (<19 years old)
Junior Membership: $65

If you are registering more than 2 juniors
from the same family then you need only
pay membership fees for the first 2.
Please talk to a KBC executive for details.


* Adult Restricted Access is limited to Friday and Saturday from 3pm to 11pm and Sunday from 9am to 11pm

Pro-rata memberships fees for 2014/2015 late season membership
  Adult        Student     Restricted Junior   
Jan-Feb $107 $86 $43 $43
Mar-Apl $86 $65 $37 $37 
May-Jun $64 $43 $32 $32
Jul-Aug $43 $32  $27  $27 

Step 3: Pick up your access card

  • If you currently have an access card then please keep it, we’ll just reprogram it for the coming season. If you do not renew by October 1st, we will deactivate your key card. There is a $5 administration fee for lost cards.
  • If you are a new member and require an access card, please indicate it on the membership form.
  • The access card will be ready for pick up after 7 days and can be found in the lobby on the bulletin board by the door. You will need to come when there is a member there to let you in so that you can pick up your card. 

Step 4: Respect the rules

  • Members must sign their guests and ensure drop-in fees are paid prior to play. Not doing so may result in the deactivation of your access card. 
  • KBC recommends all players wear protective eyewear. Juniors must wear protective eyewear at all times when playing. 
  • Clean indoor non-marking shoes (never worn outdoors) are mandatory for play on the KBC hardwood courts.

Step 5: Play badminton! 

  • Thank you for your interest in becoming a KBC member!